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resource.ME offers a variety of standard, innovative and professional teaching and enrichment services to all of our children, students and adults. We ensure that we work hard to meet all of our students’ expectations and educational goals, whenever they utilize our services.


resource.ME provides academic support and consulting services for children and students from pre-k through 12, as well as for college-age individuals and adults.  Summer camps and after school activities include a balanced mix of academic support, recreational activities, and cultural experiences.


Why Choose resource.ME

*flexible educational services and programs to meet the needs of individual learners.

*a commitment to matching providers to children, students and adults so learning is enjoyable and their finding success.

*Our educational services include helping your child with any subject they are struggling with.

*Our private tutors are equipped to handle tutoring from toddler age to adults in school related subjects. 

*Specialized private classes provide instructors who can teach at a convenient time for your child

*After school and summer programs offer robust educational opportunities and engaging activities that allow learning through experiences and provide an integral support for children, families and the Cooperstown community.

*Services offered can be tailored to any remote, virtual, or in-person setting and are designed to accommodate any level of access to technology.

Services Include:

  • Reading & Language Arts tutoring

  • Math tutoring

  • Science tutoring

  • Writing tutoring

  • Foreign Language tutoring

  • Study Skills & Organization support

  • Executive Functioning Coaching

  • Functional Academics & Life Skills support

  • SAT/ACT Prep 

  • Extra help with school work

Picture of Elemenatary Student Using Onl
tutoring pod3.png

resource.ME camps and after school programs provide access to high quality experiences that keep exercising student minds and boost academic performances through participation in challenging enrichment camps and programs.


Looking for an event like eSports or STEM & STEAM? Check here for current information. 

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